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Role of the municipal inspector

Urban planning and permits
The main role of the municipal inspector:

The municipal inspector plays a leading role in the daily administration of the activities of the municipality. The municipal inspectors' main roles are: the delivery of permits and certificates relative to the regulations regarding municipal planning, the regional inspection of the municipal watercourses, the environment (responsible for implementing the Regulations on the disposal and treatment of wastewater from isolated dwellings (Q-2, R.22) and for implementation of the Regulation on the collection of groundwater (Q-2, r. 1.3).

The municipal inspector has a conciliator arbitrator role to settle disagreements referred to in Article 36 of the Municipal Powers Act (line fences, ditches).  The inspector plays a role of control, advice, raising awareness, educational, and administration within the municipality. He enforces the municipal regulations, supplies the town council with relevant information for informed decision-making, explains to the citizens the objectives of the municipal regulations, acts as arbitrator during certain disputes and, finally, drafts reports, recommendations and other administrative documents for the municipality.
When to ask for a permit?

Anyone wishing to realize a construction project, whether building, renovating or demolishing including garages and/or swimming pools, must obtain a permit for that purpose. Furthermore a licence or certificate is necessary for the following works:

• Tree cutting;
• Installation of signs;
• Septic installations;
• Realization of any works near or in a place where water flows;
• Installation of temporary buildings;
• Change of usage of a lot or a construction;
• Construction of farm buildings, silos and manure pits.

You must plan ahead for your permit or certificate, as a rule the inspector has a delay of thirty (30) days to issue any permit. Ask for your permit or certificate today!

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