Cultural treasures

St-Andrew’s Church
Melbourne Ridge Church
Richmond County Historical Society Museum
Sculpture of horses at Coburn park by Mr. Tétreault / based on an original painting by Frederick Simpson Coburn
The Canadian 2$ bill from 1954 with St-Andrew’s Church
Marché Champêtre de Melbourne (farmer’s market)
Time vault and sculpture by Mr. Tétreault
Town hall and other houses with slate roofs
Enright’s barn with the slate roof
House of F.S. Coburn
Old stone schoolhouse
Richmond County Historical Society
Picnic area along the St-Francis river on the route 143
Caves connecting the old slate mines and Salmon Creek
Waterfall on the hiking trail, southwest of Kingsbury
Frederick Simpson Coburn – artist
Patricia Barrowman’s art work displayed at the Melbourne rest stop
Bleuetière Harmonie Nature
Wood artisan / Mr. Tardif
Fabric painting / Mrs. Orzechowski