Cultural treasures

St-Andrew’s Church / the Canadian 2$ bill from 1954
Melbourne Ridge Church
Richmond County Historical Society Museum
Sculpture of horses at Coburn park by Mr. Tétreault / based on an original painting by Frederick Simpson Coburn
Marché Champêtre de Melbourne (farmer’s market)
Time vault and sculpture by Mr. Tétreault
Town hall and other houses with slate roofs:
*  Enright’s barn with the slate roof
*  House of F.S. Coburn
*  Old stone schoolhouse
*  Richmond County Historical Society
Picnic area along the St-Francis river on the route 143
Caves connecting the old slate mines and Salmon Creek
Waterfall on the hiking trail, southwest of Kingsbury
Frederick Simpson Coburn – artist
Patricia Barrowman’s art work displayed at the Melbourne rest stop
Bleuetière Harmonie Nature
Wood artisan / Mr. Tardif
Fabric painting / Mrs. Orzechowski