Municipal inspector – urbanism

PERMIT REQUEST FORM: Print, fill and return this form

to build, start a renovation, a demolition, swimming pool installation, etc. must be filled and returned to the municipal office along with the payment. It will be studied by the municipal inspector who will then issue the permit or certificat, as necessary.

Price chart of the different permits

PERMITS FOR FOREST MANAGEMENT (trees): From now on, for permit requests for forest management and deforestation work, you must contact Mr. Jean-Guy Boissonneault at the MRC du Val-Saint-Francois for details by email at

You can consult the regulations and all the relevant documents on the MRC website by clicking on this link ENVIRONMENT AND TERRITORY MANAGEMENT.

In order to meet the needs of the municipality, we will be working with the firm Gestim for the study, inspections and issuance of its permit applications.

Our municipal inspector is accessible remotely only.

  • Emails requests will be prioritized;
  • Phone calls will be retruned within a period of 2 days
  • Print the permit application form and return it by email.

You may contact the municipal inspector at: or leave a message at 819-826-3555.

Phone calls will be returned within 2 days.
Print the permit application form and return it by email.

Tax credit for the upgrading of residential wastewater treatment plants.

Clic HERE  to access informations for the tax credit for the upgrading of residential waste water treatment systems.

CLIC HERE for the PDF document to be printed and filed.

Do you own a waterfront property?
You must apply for a permit and comply with the regulations of your municipality before doing any work on the edge of a watercourse.
To guide you, the Val-Saint-François MRC has created 6 information documents:

(documents not available in English)
FICHE 1: L’identification des cours d’eau
FICHE 2: Les barrages
FICHE 3: Rives
FICHE 4: Traverses: pont, ponceau
FICHE 5: Fossés et sorties de drain
FICHE 6: Projets d’agrandissement ou de développement

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