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Citizens of and around the Richmond area can now receive alerts

Richmond, March 5, 2020 – The Organisation intermunicipale de sécurité civile de la region de Richmond (Emergency preparedness organization of the Richmond area)  has launched its public alert system and invites citizens to register.

Residents of the municipalities of the Township of Melbourne and Cleveland as well as of Richmond and Ulverton are invited to visit the website of their respective municipality in order to subscribe to emergency alerts that may be issued by them.

The purpose of this tool is to ensure rapid communication between the Organisation intermunicipale de sécurité civile de la region de Richmond and all citizens so that they are notified of various situations such as:

  • Risk of flooding;
  • Notice of shelter, confinement;
  • Evacuation notice;
  • Boil water advisory;
  • Water interruption notice;
  • Notice of non-consuption of water;
  • Street closure;
  • Notice of major works (infrastructure);
  • Any other important alerts.

This new system allows citizens, after their registration, to receive the important information that they wishes to transmit to them by different methods, namely telephone, text or email.

There are two ways to register.

  1. click on the link below and complete the requested information.
  2. those who do not have Internet access, should go to the Town Hall of their municipality to register.

It is strongly recommended to make only one registration per phone number. Any other member of a family with their own means of communication (cell number, work number) must create their own account to ensure the proper distribution of a notice from the call machine. Phone numbers added will be verified by the call system either by voice call or by texting during registration. It is therefore important, when registering, to have access to the registered devices in order to confirm their possession and to note a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which must be entered during your registration.

This alert system will be a powerful tool and will make it possible to reach the citizens concerned very quickly, regardless of where they are. We invite everyone to register as soon as possible.  This will ensure the efficiency of any alerts that could be sent.

Rest assured that all the information you provide, will be kept confidential. This information will only be used in the context of alerts and civil security.

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