Permit request

Our municipal inspector works remotely one day a week, on Wednesdays. She is not present at the municipal office. If you have any questions or requests, please send an e-mail with full details to

To build, start a renovation, a demolition, swimming pool installation, etc. a permit request must be filled. Permit applications are available below. You must print them out and return them by e-mail or to the municipal office with payment. They will be studied by the municipal inspector, who will issue a permit if necessary. Please allow up to 30 days for a permit to be issued.


Construction principal dwelling


Drilling a well

Exterior furnace or entrance or solar collector or wood turbine

Other type of work (culvert – entrance – etc)

Pool or Spa installation

Renovation – extension – repair

Septic system installation

PERMITS FOR FOREST MANAGEMENT (trees): For deforestation work, you must contact Mr. Michaël Lemay, at the MRC of Val-Saint-François, geomatician and head of the regional forestry service by email at, or by phone at 819 826-6505, extension 301.

You can consult the regulations and all the relevant documents on the MRC website by clicking on this link ENVIRONMENT AND TERRITORY MANAGEMENT.

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