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25 March 2019


The municipality is inviting its citizens to submit photos of the area specific to the Township of Melbourne in order to produce a municipal calendar that will be distributed to all households in December.

  • These photos should demonstrate that ‘’life is good!’’ in our municipality and celebrate its beauty.
  • The final objective is to produce a calendar that will have photos representing the four seasons as seen through the eyes of those who live here.

Information about the requirements for the photos is available here or at the following locations:

  • By email by writing to
  • At the municipal office at 1257 route 243.



The Township of Melbourne continues to encourage its citizens to compost domestically. The last few years, you had the opportunity to get bins at a very affordable price. As the stocks are exhausted and will not be renewed, it will be possible for the folks who did not take the opportunity to purchase a composter in 2017/2018, to get a refund.  The Council of the Township of Melbourne will reimburse a portion of the cost upon presentation of the proof of purchase.·

  • Maximum of (1) one refund up to 50 $ per dwelling in the Township of Melbourne will be available;·
  • Proof of purchase between January 1st and December 31st, 2019;·
  • Available to Melbourne citizens only;·
  • Not applicable on homemade composters.

Last modified: 1 April 2019

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